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Critical Life Events

Critical Financial Events (CFEs for short) are the occasions in our lives that require decisions to be made. Some, usually the positive ones, are often planned and are joyous milestones in your life.  These would include things like:

  • Having a child (or grandchild) come into your life
  • Buying that first home
  • Buying a vacation home
  • Starting a well-earned retirement

Others, generally the more negative ones, are usually unanticipated, often sudden, and cause high levels of stress, anxiety and maybe grief. Examples of these include:

  • Death of a spouse or loved one
  • Divorce
  • Serious illness or disability of a spouse or partner

These events cause you to be “suddenly single” or “suddenly head-of-household”.  Making important financial decisions during these times should be put off whenever possible until extreme emotions have settled down.  The ability to delay decisions and make them calmly and logically is greatly enhanced if you have a financial plan in place.

Even though no financial plan will ever work out exactly as you envision, the process of planning and being prepared allows for confidence in working through the tougher times.  Start developing a financial plan today.

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