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Why Wealth Her Way

Women have unique financial challenges and the need for understanding and financial planning is very important.  These challenges result from a combination of demographic and socio-economic factors.

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Tendency to be younger than spouse in the relationship
  • Risk of becoming “suddenly single” or “suddenly head-of-household” through divorce, illness, or death of a spouse
  • Often take time from career to rear children or care for elderly parents
  • Decision to stay single

These factors make it likely a majority of women will be in-control of their finances at some point in time.  Unfortunately, generations from the Baby-Boomers to the Millennials are exhibiting the behavior of the male spouse handling most major financial decisions in the majority of relationships, often to the extent that the woman may not know:

  • Where asset accounts are held and amounts.
  • The passwords to access those accounts.
  • Where the life insurance policies are located?
  • And more...

Does your financial advisor listen to your concerns and priorities? Do you have a current will or trust? What are your goals for your legacy, financial or otherwise?

Wealth Her Way is dedicated to providing educational articles, videos, book recommendations, links to other websites, etc. to help you start to be in control of your financial life, whether that be in conjunction with your spouse, significant other or if you are currently single.  If you are in immediate need of financial advice, click here to contact Integra Capital Advisors.

Please click through the site to see what’s available and check back often as we will continue to add new material.  We encourage you to share the site with your friends and acquaintances so that as many women as possible can benefit from the information.

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