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Investing vs. Saving

Considering a long-term investment plan for the part of your savings will help you achieve your goals.

Caring for Older Loved Ones

When it comes to caring for an aging loved one, most families don’t have a plan until there is a problem.  

Top Financial Fears of Women

Let’s review some of the most common areas that concern women about their money and some suggestions on things you can do to lessen your fears.

My Husband Takes Care of Our Investments

We believe the best situation is where both spouses are involved in the process, even if one is the primary person handling the investment decisions.

Tips for a Successful Wealth Management Portfolio

Are you unsure about what goes into putting together a successful wealth management portfolio?

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?

Is it worth paying your mortgage off early or better to invest the extra cash?

 Capital Gains Tax

How does the Capital Gains Tax effect your financial situation?

Can I Retire Yet?

The answer is different for every couple or individual based on their personal lifestyle expenses and income sources.

Financial Benefits of Marriage

Marriage has financial benefits for both spouses.  Let's take a look at how to maximize yours.

How does 401(k) Matching Work?

For many companies and their employees, the 401(k) plan has become the go-to plan retirement plan positioned as an important employee benefit.

Saving for Kid's College

Planning and saving for college expenses can go a long way toward reducing the burden of debt payments after the college experience is over.

How Can I Retire Early

How much will you need to save for your retirement goals? The "FIRE" concept may be able to help you retire early.

Women and Money

Let’s examine some of the key ways in which women view their financial future.

How to Calculate Net Worth

In its simplest form, net worth is your assets minus your liabilities. Let's understand how income producing net worth may help your retirement. 

Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Financial resolutions will put you ahead of schedule for your retirement plan. Let's discover what financial goals you should make for next year.

Social Security & Divorce

Learn how a divorce can affect your social security benefits and your former spouse.

Why is Financial Planning Important?

Taking the steps to define and implement your financial plan will bring a world of confidence that you are off in the right direction. 


Do I Need Life Insurance?

Let's introduce the basic framework for reviewing your family finances to help decide if you need life insurance and how much may be necessary. 

Social Security for Widows

When it comes to Social Security benefits, there are rules you should understand as you transition from married to single status after your spouse passes.

When to Take Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits can easily total over $1 million dollars during a typical retirement.  For women, the decision of when to start claiming your benefits is important for your retirement plan.

Traditional and Roth IRAs What's the Difference?

In this video, we will explore the differences between Traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts, commonly known as “IRAs”, to help you decide which the best option for you is.

The SECURE Act and Retirement Planning for Women

What does the SECURE Act mean for your retirement?

The COVID-19 Impact on Women’s Retirement Planning

Learn how the COVID-19 virus will impact your financial future.

Women Should Watch Out For Social Security Scams

Scams involving your Social Security Number are on the rise.

Legacy Planning for Women

Tips for planning your legacy for your estate and family. 

Smart Social Security Decisions for Women

Filing for Social Security Benefits the right way is very important for women.

Meet the Wealth Her Way Team

Financial and educational resources for all women in any situation.

Social Security for Women When a Spouse Passes

Learn about your Social Security benefits when your spouse/partner passes.

How Divorce Impacts Your Social Security Benefits

Learn how divorce and remarriage impact your Social Security benefits.

Passing of a Spouse

Planning ahead for the unfortunate reality that we will one day be alone can reduce the stress of a loss of our spouse.


Divorce is an unfortunate but common event. Planning for your new financial future is an important step in moving on.

The Importance of a Wealth Plan

Planning for your financial future can be fun and rewarding. Learn more in this video.

Intergenerational Planning

Planning for how and to whom to leave your assets is an important part of your legacy. Watch this video to start the process.

Values of Independent Advisors

How Integra Capital lives by our values to serve you.

Moving Forward

We don't move on from grief, we move forward with it.

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