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Who We Serve

Women face special challenges in financial and retirement income planning.  These challenges primarily relate to demographic and sociographic characteristics and trends.  Our goal is to provide education and resources to empower women to make good financial decisions and be knowledgeable about their financial lives.

View your situation to learn more about specific issues and concerns you may face. Feel free to share this page with your mother, daughter, or granddaughter to help them begin to be in control of their financial destiny.

Young Women: 20 - 40 Somethings

Hopefully, this is the time of your life!  You are beginning or getting deeper into your career path.  Dreams of marriage and children usually happen during this time.  Planning at this age can have a huge impact on your financial success later in life as the effect of compounding investments over time takes hold.

Specific concerns may include:

  • Life Insurance to protect your children
  • Investing for maximum long-term impact
  • College savings plan
  • Buying your first, or second home
  • Teaching Children about finances

Pre-Retirees: 40 – 50 Somethings

Should still be the time of your life, but perhaps with changes.  Career advances for you, and perhaps a spouse, creates more discretionary income, which you can choose to spend or invest.  The kids are older and may need you a little less, and may be entering college soon. Retirement still feels far away, but decisions at this age still have time to make a significant impact on your income later on.

Specific concerns may include:

  • Keeping your teenager out of trouble! & teaching them about finances
  • More serious saving and investing
  • Funding college expenses, if not previously done
  • Using increased income to enjoy life
  • Philanthropy
  • Keeping an eye on aging parents
  • Planning for the future of your business if you own one
  • Becoming single through divorce or loss of spouse

Retirees: 60 Somethings

The biggest planning and decision decade of your life!  For women that maintained careers, retirement usually happens in the 60’s.  Your kids are probably on their own but did you accumulate enough assets to replace your employment income and maintain your desired lifestyle?

Specific concerns may include:

  • Converting investment assets into a lifetime of retirement income
  • Enjoying the early years of retirement
  • Philanthropy
  • Deciding on the best Social Security claiming strategy
  • Filing for Medicare benefits
  • Becoming single through divorce or loss of spouse

Retirees: 70s and Beyond


The real retirement years where, as you progress through, your pace of life will begin to slow and the pace of aging picks up.   This is where we start to think more about others than before.  Plans for eventually leaving our earthly assets behind are put in place through wills and trusts.  Legacy planning becomes important – How do you want to be remembered by family and your community.

Specific concerns may include:

  • Continuing your social and favorite activities
  • Managing investment assets to ensure sufficient lifetime income
  • Dealing with more frequent health issues & rising healthcare expenses
  • Maintaining contact with geographically diverse family
  • Loss of spouse is now a reality, at some point
  • Estate planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Eventually dealing with declining cognitive abilities – Who will help?

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